A smarter way to lower your ongoing material costs

Chances are, you’re spending more than necessary on replenishment. Leverage SmartMRO to cut those costs.

Why SmartMRO?

The top five reasons why you should be using SmartMRO to streamline your material costs


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How we can help

Our approach provides the greatest opportunity for cost reductions. You choose the suppliers to engage, or we can help rationalize your supply base. You can begin with a single supplier VMI program, then strategically add suppliers that support your maintenance team and purchasing initiatives. Before you know it, you will have the most efficient integrated supply program up and running.

Product Expertise

We provide the technology and standardized business processes integrated with your strategic suppliers that provide the parts and technical expertise maintenance requires.

Inventory Management

Robust inventory management tools allow for easy organization of complex stocking conditions. Utilize various inventory control methodologies to automate your replenishment process.


Automated inventory replenishments and spot buy requisitions are seamlessly integrated with an RFQ process, to lower your costs and leverage your suppliers product expertise.

Approval Workflow

Configure automated requisition routing by way of user, cost center, value, and more through approval chains. The requisition status is visible throughout the workflow process.


Our system supports a single buyer or mutli-tiered buying groups. Configure your prefered suppliers by commodity, brand, and more, to enable your strategic sourcing decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Real time data to understand your inventory and service performance: inventory turns, day supply on hand, supplier on-time delivery, ship complete, stock out, and more.